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Bitcoin Miner TeraWulf Buys 15,000 Computers for Upstate N.Y. Facility



After inflation, a bond supply shock may be next for markets

Central banks, the developed world’s most reliable group of bond buyers, could slash debt purchases next year by as much as $2 trillion across the four big advanced economies, implying a potentially hefty rise in many governments’ borrowing costs. For years, but particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic erupted in March 2020, central banks have effectively backstopped government spending, mopping up a significant proportion of the debt hitting markets and preventing yields from rising too high. But if central banks set a schedule for unwinding pandemic-era stimulus, a dearth of highly-rated bonds, especially in Europe, may turn into an excess.

Bob Iger says Disney+ needs ‘more content for more people,’ but company is addressing the gap

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